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How Reverent Lucy Natasha's Wardrobe Has Changed Since She Met Indian Husband

Reverent Lucy Natasha's got engaged in two thousand and twenty one to Prophet Carmel Stanley who is Indian but resides in Canada, since then, her wardrobe seems to have undergone a major transition through photos she shares on her social media platforms.

Before, she used to dress in very nice classy cotton dresses accompanied with heels and elegant make up as well as wigs. Since her engagement day, she has adopted an Indian way of dressing because we often see her in elegant saree or mostly made off silk and chiffon. A saree is a long Indian dress while a kurta is a knee length top won with leggings.

The female city preacher is always looking stunning in her refashioned dressing style, which implies that other Kenyan women can try it out. One good thing about this particular trend is that it fits almost all occasions including weddings and parties, maybe only beaches are an exclusion.

I think it is worth it for ladies in Kenya to look up to Pastor Natasha's recent dressing code.

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