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Kwame In Big Trouble In Coming Episodes Of Zora Series

In the last episode of zora series kwame is in big trouble after the death of Alma, His uncle Oscar has started his investigations where he has come up with big evidence that Alma was Killed but she did not die in a car accident. In the last episode Alma's spirit appeared to kwame and kwame started behaving like a mad man where his mum come to rescue him from Alma's spirit.

This is a sign that kwame is in big trouble after what he did,In the last episode of zora series kwame told zalena that if he had confessed things would not be the way they are know and since madam zalena does not want kwame to speak the truth a bout Alma's death since he will be jailed for the cause of Alma's death.

Kwame is ready to say the truth about alma's death since he did not want to kill Alma but it was an accident. Oscar will soon bring everthing to light and kwame will be in big trouble in the coming episodes of zora series

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