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Famous celebrity couples in Kenya who do not follow each other on social media

Kenyans have a habit of assuming a couple has broken up once they unfollow each other on social media platforms. In most cases, this is no far from the truth but some couples still remain intact even after unfollowing each other on social media. Here is a look at few celebrity couples in Kenya who do not follow each on social media:

1. Nandy Mukami and Arrowbowy.

Nadia Mukami and Ali Yusuf are both Kenyan popartists. The two musicians unfollowed each other not long after they started dating. After hiding their relationship for a while Nadia was the first one to let the cat out of the bag.

2. Otile Brown and Nabii

Otile Brown and her Ethiopian girlfriend Nabii aka Nabyet have been practicing a long distance relationship. Nabii revealed that the two lovebirds tried to breakup multiple occasions but they just could not let each other go.

3. King kaka and Nana Owiti.

The both had to go through a very rough time recently. King Kaka was in a very tough place but her woman did stay by his side all along. King Kaka and switch TV host, Nana Owiti do not follow each other on social media. Yes, you can live a private and a happy life outside social media.

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