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Popular Bongo Movie Star Johari Hits Back After A Media Site Announced About Her Death

It is indeed very painful when one loses his or her loved one. But to some people it seems to be fun when others suffer.

A certain Youtube channel known as X Pus Tz is in trouble again after it aired news about the demise of the bongo movie star known as Johari Chagula who is well known by her movie known as "Johari" which she acted with the late Steven Kanumba.

On her instagram account Johari has highly condemned the act by the channel to post news of her death when she is very healthy and kicking.

Here is what Johari said;

"Hivi Kweli mtu na akili zako unatengeneza ujinga kama huu. Hii sasa itakuwa mwisho lazima nichukue hatua. Uhuru wa mitandao mnaiyumia kijinga sasa"

This is not the first time for the channel to find it self on the wrong side of the law as they had previously aired wrong news about the death of other Bongo artists like; Rose Muhando, Nay Wa Mitego Best Naso among many more whom are still alive.

What could be the motive behind this. Is the person doing this to gain popularity on YouTube?

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