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'Don't Follow Social Media Hype' Omanyala Told After Serving Couple Goals With Girlfriend

Omanyala. [All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

The fastest man in Africa now, Ferdinard Omanyala Omura, took up the position after clocking 9.77 seconds in the 100 Meters sprint.

Omanyala has been trending on various social media platforms after his victory making Kenyans very proud of themselves.

However, he has also been trending after revealing more bout his relationship, girlfriend and baby boy.

He revealed recently that there was a time he did not have any job and his lover took the initiative of accommodating him and even went ahead and paid the bills together with the rent.

“I was training without goals and we had no money but thanks to my girlfriend as she was paying the rent and bills because she was working.'' He said.

He even added that she would set aside cash for his training.

''She would bring money to the table and allocate some to my training, rent and food.” Omanyala stated in the event.

Omanyala has been posting various photos on social media together with his lover mostly in training and by the looks, they enjoy each other's company a lot.

By this, they are setting the 'Couple Goals' too high as some Kenyans have lamented on social media.

''Waaw this is so lovely, naona hii bar ya mapenzi hatuwezi fikia. Hatuko flexible hivo kama nyinyi hehee.'' Beatrice Njesh commented in one of their photos.

Some stated that he should not be swallowed by the hype that is brought by social media and end up posting their whole lives on social media since the internet is a cruel place and can turn on you any time.

''It is good that you are showing how much you love each other but now don't get the hang of it, you two are beautiful together. Don't ruin that.'' Marting Njogu left a comment.

What do you think of Omanyala's Couple Goals? Comment below.

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