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Babu Tells Salama Zuu Is Dead. Fatma Wants To Revenge Against Dida (Sultana series)

Salama's phone is ringing. It's Babu calling her. Salama is wondering why Babu is calling her. Babu informs Salama that Zuu is dead. Salama starts to cry. Sultana asks her what's wrong and Salama tells her Zuu has passed on. They suspect Jabali must have been involved in Zuu's death.

Fatima meets the man she has been working with to know where Dida is. Fatima wants to know the exact place where Dida is but the man is unable to tell Fatima. He gives out an excuse that his laptop has a problem of network so it's impossible for him to tell her at the moment. At Jabali's home, Sada wants to know where Fatima has gone. She asks Asya why Fatima is behaving as if she is at her home. Sada cautions Asya too not to misbehave and if she tries it she will face the consequences.

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