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The General's Daughter: Monday Episode

Jessie asks Ethan why he didn't allow Clare to know about Rhian hurting her.She will ask him if it's because he didn't want Clare to hate Rhian more. Jessie will say she lied to them.Why does he care about her.Ethan will tell her that maybe Millet was right when she asked him if she fell in love with Rhian because of that.Ethan will say Rhian was just doing her job.Jessie will say she won't stop until she puts her behind bars.At the village,the people will say they don't want to leave again.The kids will wish to have a Permanent house.The people are asking for justice for Tiago Amelia is pretending to cry.Rhian will arrive at the press. Amelia will say the general loves them.Jessie is at the press too. Amelia will pray Tiago comes home safe.Rhian too will follow Amelia.Jessie will spot Rhian and follow her and call for back up. Amelia will sense they are being followed. She will call Tiago and tell him Rhian took the baite,she's following them.

Franco will be called and will be told Rhian is following and Franco should execute the plan.It's late,Jessie is still following them both.Amelia will arrive and enter the gate.The driver will take the car.and pack it elsewhere.Rhian will arrive at the place.She will try to open the gate.Jessie will arrive too.Rhian will see the car packed outside the gate.She will head there.Jessie will see Rhian's Car packed and leave the car with her friend.Rhian will remain standing alone at the centre,Jessie will see her.She will call for back up. The military will arrive.The men will attack Rhian but she will fight them. One of the men will try to shoot her but she will surrender.Franco will arrive with his other men.Rhian will tell him that if he wants to kill her then he should pull the trigger.They will hear the gunshots and leave. Jessie and the military will appear. Ethan will tell her she shouldn't have done that.She acted out of anger. Jessie will ask if he's scolding her because he's concerned about Rhian. Ethan will tell her she charged in without a plan.She would hsve been hurt.Ethan will ask them to check the perimeter.

Franco will blind fold and hand cuff Rhian.He will take her to the boat.Rhian will ask if it's necessary,he'll say he doesn't trust Rhian.They will arrive.Tiago will say finally the prodigal daughter returns. How is she? Rhian will say she's glad they are all safe.She will ask for forgiveness.Tiago will say if she wants him to go over everything single mistake she made.He will ask her about the incident at the market. She chose to go with those people instead of her.He even sent Franco to pick her up but instead she fought him.Rhian will say he knew from the start that she doesn't like dragging innocent people into her issues.She came back to finish the mission.He will tell her she's already on the military watch list,they know everything.She should give him one little reason for him to believe in her. What did she tell them.

Rhian will remember how she was taught when telling lies,how she should look someone in the eye. She will apply it. She will say she told them the truth but none of it was against him or the organization,it was against her. Because if she told them about him then all of them would have been to the prison, especially mama.She won't be in those cells before finishing the mission.She has no else to go to now except him.So she escaped.She's just a mere criminal to them.Tiago will welcome her back. He knew she would always come back to her.That calls for a celebration.They will hug.

Jessie will find Corazon drinking.Jessie will say they are trying all they can.Corazon will say she can't rely on Marcial.Jessie will say she's putting herself in danger.Corazon will say she's tired of waiting and of being weak.That's her fight too.Jessie will say she should understand that they don't want her to disappear from their lives. Corazon will say they are close to the truth.She can feel it.Now she has evidence.Corazon will say they'll be finally whole again when Arabella comes home.Jessie will hug her.

At the mansion,Tiago will welcome her. He will introduce her to the people. Jessie will tell Marcial Corazon has been crying. He will say he was with the Attorney and they were thinking of the best strategy to use. Marcial will say about The Governor's wife,that she doesn't want to speak to anyone. She thinks everyone is her husband's enemy. She's asking for protection in exchange for the evidence.Tiago will tell Rhian that people are happy.That they are all ready to help them.They are going to protect them.He will notice she's deep in thought.She will say she is thinking about the mission. How she'll make it up to him.Tiago will say it seems they did a great deal to her. He will ask what they did to her,if they hurt her.That they will make them pay.That no one hurts his daughter and gets away with it.They are all going to pay.

Amelia is mad at Tiago.She will say that after everything Rhian did,he even almost died and now he throws her a party.Only a medal remaining. He's turning a blind eye.He will say he knows his daughter but Amelia will say she's not.Tiago will say he created her and she's his most priced possession and a day will come Amelia will use that against her too. Marcial will get a call late at night from Rhian.She will tell him he accepted her.He will tell her to keep her end of the deal.She'll say she made mistakes but he still accepted her back.She's his weakness.Amelia will ask Rhian what she was doing.They were worried.She'll say they've heard the news.The moment she turned her back on them,things went worse.His father almost died.Amelia will tell her all she has done and now she's there.Rhian will say she would have returned too. Rhian will say she still sees Amelia as her mother.Rhian will say there are some things she had to take care of. Amelia will say she still loved her and now that she's back she has to accept they are still her family.She's still alive because of them.Then she'll welcome her with a kiss on the cheek

Elai will say they go to Manilla because his father is there,they should go and live with him.Isabel will say they can't find his father since the city is too big.Elai will say he can recognize him because he draws him everyday.He will ask if she loves him. Isabel will say yes and that's all that matters.A lady (Vera) will come to Tiago with the other guests.She will ask Tiago what he wants.He will say they partner.One of them will say they were his competition so how can they join hands.Vera will suggest that Tiago is weak now and he needs friends.Tiago will say it was a minor setback,he is still in control of the drug and arms business.He has connections with powerful people. Tiago will give them an option to join them or not.So that they can make one powerful alliance and they will come out bigger at the top.

Rhian will see them.Isabel is still awake outside.She's worried. She'll say she was thinking about what the kids said earlier.In her opinion they should think of something to make them feel better and at home.She knows Rhian is doing everything to get them justice and she knows she's going through alot.She hopes she gets thought it. Franco will come to Rhian's room.He will tell her if she's thinking of escaping she's wrong.He will tell her that Tiago's patience has limits.She'll say she knows Franco hates her.Franco will say even If she's the General's daughter she shouldn't behave that way.Rhian will say she's there because she's the only one who can fulfill the mission. 

She will ask him if he's afraid of her. He will tell her to get some rest. Papi will come home late with his friend.They will say they got a job. The others will say they will also look for jobs.Elai will ask when Rhian will come back.Isabel will tell them she will come back and she loves them. She'll be happy to see them doing fine.

Tiago will find Rhian awake outside. Rhian will tell him she can't sleep and why is he awake too.Did he take care of something.He'll say he saw some guests off.Rhian will say Franco told her he had important people and she didn't meet them.Tiago will say next time he will introduce her to them.He will tell her they have important things to talk about the mission and he has big plans.He hopes they have learnt a lot.That the trust they have for each other will be stronger than before.He will kiss Rhian on the forehead and ask her to have some rest.

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