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Te Doy La Vida: Gabriela Finds out the Relationship Between Ernesto and Irene


Pedro told Augustine that he was not the father of Gina's baby. Augustine got a little nervous, asking him when he found out. Pedro said he just heard. Augustine then asked if Gina revealed the identity of the baby's father and Pedro said she didn't and he didn't ask because he didn't care and it was her problem. As it was he was angry not just for himself but for his parents who were so excited at the prospect of a grandchild. Ester then called him to tell him that Gina was gone, that her father had picked her up. He asked if Gina said anything and Ester said that she felt it was better to leave since things between them (Gina and Pedro) were not good. Ester wondered how Nelson would take care of her and Pedro said they would talk about it when he got home. He ended the call, telling Augustine that his mother still didn't know. He then said he would pay the bill.

Gina ignored Augustine's first call, hitting the Dismiss button. He called a second time and they had a contentious conversation. He got on her case for not admitting that he was the father of her baby. She told him for the last time he wasn't. He said that everyone had the right to the truth and he would tell it. She told him to stop bothering her and ended the call. She then yelled at the phone “Stupid, I will never accept you as the father of my child” and slammed the phone onto the bed.

Ester packed up Domingo's clothes for donation. She stopped at the cable-knit sweater she had once made him. She inhaled his scent, sat down, and began to cry. Pedro came home and she told him what she was doing. It was only two days so far and she missed Domingo terribly. At times she thought of him coming home for dinner. Ester felt somewhat guilty for him not taking proper care of himself. Pedro said that it wasn't her fault, it was that Domingo hadn't understood the seriousness of his illness. She found a pair of jeans that clearly were too small and she said they were from years ago when Domingo could fit into them. He had kept them against the day he would fit into them again. Pedro said he never knew anyone else who enjoyed food as much. Ester started crying afresh. Pedro suggested that she rest and he would take the clothes for donation the next day and they hugged. Pedro kissed her and she said she would fumigate his room so he could sleep there that night. He left her alone. She sat down and cried some more, holding the sweater on her lap.

Augustine went home and called for Rosa; she was not there. He sat down and remembered the fateful night when he had sex with Gina. Then the time when she told him he better not say he was the father because she would deny everything and who would believe him, Rosa returned with the containers of milk, explaining where she had been. When she sat on the couch he told her about Gina telling Pedro the baby wasn't his. “You have to know the truth,” he said. “If the baby is mine I have the right to know. I will find out eventually. Tell me.” She told him. He laughed and cried at the same time. “I knew! I knew!” He was determined to do right by his child no matter how Gina felt about him. “I will fight for my child!”

Andrea called Pili and told her all about the Samuel/Gabriela/scholarship situation. They talked about the class prejudice and Andrea said that she must have realized during her date with Nelson that hearing that Gina's baby wasn't Pedro's made her realize that she really wanted her daughters to be happy. She realized she was very wrong about Ernesto when he had the restraining order against Elena and her family.

Elena went to her office to find Andrea there. She said she had something on her conscience. She told Elena that Gina's baby was not Pedro's. Nelson had told her. She had not realized it at the time until Gabriela told her that Gina was Pedro's wife. Andrea apologized and asked Elena to forgive her for her prejudice. Elena said yes, and “I have to tell Pedro.” Andrea agreed and Elena thanked her. They hugged, Elena took her purse, and left.

Sister Bernardina helped Isabel dress and Isabel said she was nice, not like Vasilisa, who was in league with The Other, who injected her with all manner of stuff after returning from Canada. The novice said that it was good she remembered this. She said that she had lived very well in her home and that her husband had left her enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life. Her son knew nothing of this. The day he returns she would put The Other in his place and she would go back to live in her house with its beautiful garden.

Eduardo reviewed a case report from an attractive female detective. Inès saw this and became jealous. She walked away as soon as Eduardo got up. He followed her. It was awkward and she ended up confessing that she hoped he would be more than a friend. He said that might be possible, but she nearly ran off. He said she didn't tell him why she came and she said it wasn't important.

Ester found Domingo's fútbol shirt. She handed it to Pedro who tried it on. Of course it was too big for him and it was a bittersweet moment for both of them. Elena arrived and told him about Gina's baby not being his. He told her he had found out yesterday and asked how she knew. She told him how Andrea had found out from Nelson. Pedro didn't quite believe this at first “He and his daughter looked me in the eye all this time... What a fool I was. They deceived me. Up until now I thought nobody else knew about this. So Nelson was her accomplice? Up to the end they allowed my father to have illusions about a grandchild knowing that this baby wasn't mine?”

Elena looked a bit ill at ease. Ester came into the living room asking “What are you saying?” Pedro answered “That Gina's baby isn't mine and because of that I told her to leave.” Not only did Ester not collapse she became angry. “I always knew she wasn't a good person, but never did I imagine she would use a baby to try to hold onto you. That's the only thing important to that wretch!” Pedro told her to calm down, but Ester wasn't finished. “How can I calm down? She played with all our feelings, most of all your father's. He was so excited at the thought of having a grandchild. And like a fool I offered to take care of her!” This brought Samuel out of his room. Ester told him that Gina had lied to all of them. Pedro added that Nelson had concealed this. He felt like a fool. Ester told him it wasn't his fault; Gina had deceived all of them. “But this will not be ignored,” she said. “Both of them will have to listen!” She went out. Pedro asked Elena if she would accompany them and she said she had to go to the office. She offered to take Samuel but he said he had to go to the university. He asked if he could arrive a little late and she said it was no problem. She left.

Nelson found Gina in the kitchen de-seeding half a cantaloupe. He scolded her for getting out of bed and she said she was alright and she was bored. He reminded her that she was ordered to rest and she said it was an exaggeration. Let her at least have breakfast. The doorbell rang, interrupting their argument. She wasn't expecting anyone. Nelson answered the door and Augustine charged in, demanding to know where Gina was. Nelson barked at him, demanding to know why and Augustine told him. Augustine said “Don't tell me you knew nothing” and Gina came out saying she asked him to say nothing. This started an argument between Gina and Augustine, which culminated in him saying he would not be denied the right to his child.

Just as Ester came in and slapped Nelson. She demanded to know why he remained silent about this, adding that he was just as big a liar as his daughter. She went on about the deception of Pedro and all the rest, not giving Nelson any chance to explain himself. Pedro asked Augustine what he was doing there and he said he was the father. He didn't tell him because he didn't know either. Pedro looked at Gina and asked “What else, Gina? What more is there to know?” She shook her head and had the gall to whine “It was all your fault. If you hadn't left me at the altar this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have been with Augustine!” Pedro went on about her making him look like an idiot and she said she didn't want to lose him. He told her she had always been selfish and thinking only of herself.

Ester told her .” Gina whined that she didn't knew she would cause such pain. Ester didn't buy that for one nanosecond. “Now I know why Domingo's last words were your name before he died. He wanted to tell us.” She turned to Nelson. “And you. You are the same as your daughter. You remained silent knowing what she was doing.” She would not allow Nelson to apologize. “I can't forgive you. I can't forgive a man who destroyed a friendship of so many years that we had. Foro Domingo you were like a brother and you failed. You preferred to keep your mouth shut instead of telling the truth.” Gina tried to defend her father by telling Ester that she had asked him to remain silent but Ester didn't stop. “Really? And he didn't have the judgement to realize what effect his silence would have? Maybe someday God will forgive you but I? No.” She and Pedro left. Augustine was not far behind. Nelson cried. Gina went upstairs to avoid facing him.

Later when he had calmed down, Nelson went into Gina's room and told her he should have had a firm hand with her ages ago. Instead he had only fed her selfishness and these were the consequences. She wanted him to leave her alone but he did not indulge that. He reminded her that it was his friends taking care of her and asked if she realized what she had done. She sang the same old song as before “Why does nobody understand that everything I did was for love? Everything.” He told her off, that this was all about her and he foolishly had gone along with it. “But you're my father! What was I going to do? You're supposed to be on my side, helping me.” He told her that she had done bad things and like a fool he also did.

She actually had the nerve to say to cool it because she had been the one to lose everything. Nelson adamantly stated that whether she liked it or not Augustine would have rights to his child. Gina whined again and Nelson told her that Augustine would have his rights and he would help him. He wasn't going to tolerate this anymore. He walked out and closed the door. Gina looked like she was trying to cry but instead looked petulant, as usual.

Ester and Pedro went home. Neither wanted anything to do with either Gina or Nelson. Pedro said he would resign from the taller. Ester was sure he would get a new job quickly. Pedro wasn't sure he was as good as Ester wanted to think but at least he would soon be free to be with Elena. Ester realized they had walked out while she was there so she called her to apologize. Elena understood., Ester said they had let off steam and felt a bit better. She gave the phone to Pedro, who felt free of Gina and her lies. Elena told him she had not yet gotten the DNA results and the situation with her father's company was not yet resolved. The usual conclusion.

Madre Refugio paid Doña Isabel a visit and asked how she was. She answered “bad” because she wanted to be at home in her house. There was no reason for her to be in the nursing home. Madre Refugio said they would talk about it when her son came. “That Miguel treated me badly but my son will put him in his place.” Madre Refugio asked who Miguel was and Doña Isabel said that he was the man saying he was her son. “But he isn't. He is the son of a servant.” Madre Refugio looked at Sister Bernardina a couple of times during this. Finally she said to the novice “I need to talk to you. I will see you in my office.”

Augustine entered Rosa's office for something needed for work. He was strictly business and she realized he was upset with her for not telling him about the baby. They were friends, she said, but she was also Gina's friend. She had asked her a thousand times not to tell anyone about this. In the meantime she was hoping he would give up the illusion of having Gina because it was hopeless. She wanted to tell him many times but knew he wouldn't listen. If this ended their friendship she could handle it, but she had to keep quiet. Augustine said nothing about this, just that he was getting back to work. She looked a little sad.

Samuel went to the dean's office to get Gabriela's money back. Samuel didn't want to owe anything to anyone. However, that was not possible; there were rules against this despite this having been paid behind his back. He asked whether there was anyone he could talk to but he was told it wouldn't get him further. Why not take advantage of this and study? Samuel had no reply.

Pedro told his mother he was going to the shop for his things. Ester pointed out that Nelson would try to convince him to stay, but Pedro said he couldn't after all the humiliation. The ultrasound photo was on the table; Ester meant to throw it away. Pedro looked at it, saying no wonder he had felt nothing when he first sat it. Not like the first time he saw Nico. This caused Ester to smile and say “because he is your son. I hope you can be with him soon.”

Sister Bernardina entered Madre Refugio's office to talk about Doña Isabel. Madre Refugio had noticed a big change in her. Sister Bernardina said that this could be the vitamins prescribed by Elena's doctor friend, but the mother superior didn't believe that. She picked up the phone to call Ernesto but Sister Bernardina stopped her. She asked why and Sister Bernardina explained that since Doña Isabel kept denying that Sr Rioja is her son getting him there would only provoke a crisis. That's the last thing we want, isn't it? Madre Refugio said she was right. She thought it prudent that they continue to observe Doña Isabel and discuss this again later.

Inès was cleaning when Sister Bernardina called to tell her what had just happened. It was good news, but it didn't buy them a lot of time.. Inès finally got around to talking about suddenly feeling jealousy and the possibility of a relationship with Eduardo.

Samuel went into Gabriela's office to explain that the university won't return the money. He wanted to pay her back and she said there was no hurry; he could pay her back when he was in practice. He didn't want to wait that long so he said he would pay her monthly.

Horacio called Elena to see if she could meet him for coffee in twenty.

Rosa called Samuel to see if he could meet her for coffee later to talk about Gina. He realized she knew all along that the baby wasn't Pedro's and he got on her case. It was almost a rerun of Ester's rant at Nelson but with the additional issue of Rosa having concealed that she had been married to Modesto.

Another tie severed.

Horacio was contemplating a move regarding his business but he didn't want Elena and Nico to be in the line of fire if anything went wrong. He suggested that she take Nico to Los Angeles. Elena didn't think this a good idea because she needed Ernesto's permission to take Nico out of the country. This could have consequences. Her phone rang and she didn't answer it. It was Ernesto, who – because she didn't answer – called home. The maid told him that Elena had not been home since leaving with Nico that morning.

Rosa got another scolding from Pedro, whom she could apologize to face to face. She emphasized Gina's insistence and mentioned Augustine. He asked her if she knew and Rosa said she did. Pedro walked out shaking his head saying “I can't believe this.”

The entire shop was talking about this. Luciano asked Augustine how could he do this to his best friend, Benito said that Gina played both of them and before this got worse Nelson came out of his office. Everyone headed to their work and Nelson went back inside to find Pedro waiting in Rosa's office. They went into Nelson's office and closed the door. Pedro told him he would not be returning to work. Nelson said he understood but reminded him about the church/state separation of personal and work, but Pedro said that this had its limits. He could not work for someone he couldn't trust. Nelson tried to explain but Pedro – like his mother – didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to reopen the wounds, so he said it was better he leave. As he got up Nelson began apologizing, but Pedro told him he was not open to negotiations. Nelson said that with both him and Domingo gone the shop would be in ruins. Pedro said he should have thought of this sooner and walked out.

The guys had figured out something wasn't right. They all wanted Pedro to stay but he would not. He said he'd see them, as they were all friends and had each others' phone numbers. He thanked them all for the years of working together and they said their goodbyes. As Augustine walked Pedro to his car the others talked about leaving. Nelson heard this and came out of the office to crack the whip but nobody moved this time. Instead they all walked out on him.

Ernesto called Irene looking for Elena. She told him Elena was not in the office. “She didn't tell you where she went?” When Irene said Elena said nothing he said “You are useless.” She got angry and said “You know what? I've had enough. I won't tolerate your offenses.” She did not see Gabriela, who was on the other side of the open door just in time to hear this. “I have had it with your obsession with Elena.” Ernesto apologized, saying “She's my wife and I want her back.” Irene said “And what don't you understand? You're married to Elena but she doesn't love you. I am the one who loves you. Don't I show that every time I'm in your arms?”

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