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Emotional Kenyans React to Maria's Wednesday Episode after she was Kicked Out of the House

Kenyans have taken it to different social media platforms to express their emotional feelings after one of their favourite character, Maria was kicked out of the house.

For starters, Maria is series of drama that airs out on Citizen TV, and one of its characters is Maria.

Cover photo of Maria [Photo/Courtesy]

Another character, Uncle William alias Willy, had gone missing from his family in recent episodes but appeared from his 'hiding' on Wednesday, 1 April, and pulled out a shocker on Maria that did not only leave rest of his family members shocked and cursing, but also to Kenyans who have been keenly keeping an eye on this series that airs out from Monday to Friday on a local television and other digital platforms like Viusasa.

"Maria, I want you out of my house, I give you a minute," he roared, leaving the whole family in shock.

Maria is then heard asking for forgiveness and questioning why she was being chased away.

However, her begging for forgiveness did not stop Willy from accomplishing what looked like a well-cooked mission. Neither his family, the kids including Lui would stop Uncle Willy.

"Dad please, stop it, you are hurting her," Lui was heard pleading with his father to leave Maria alone.

Lui begging Maria to stay [Photo/courtesy]

Kenyans have taken the whole issues to social media where they are emotionally expressing their thoughts about this drama.

Here are some reactions captured from Facebook.

Jacinta Mutio Kasinzi: "Maybe ile udaku y lorna ilkuaga y ukweli alkua kwa side chick ndo maana Anaharass watu hivo ili asiulizwe pnye alkua naye atalia tu io kitendo amefanya sipoa"

Virginia Nganga: "My daughter almost cried my 3yr old son began Maria wangu"

Veni Venesa: "So sad but maria just bear with it i don't think if that kweli is Mr William i have known to a loving boss to maria it is so painful"

Bahati Charitieh: "Wenye wameniboo ni lui na victor kushindwa na mzee, are they really true men?? Kuuliza tu"

Gentrix Muliro: "Aki ni uchungu! ghai mm nlilia yangu yote! maisha ya uyatima ai!"

Risper Chepkoech: "Woi! It really hurts my heart to see all the trauma Maria passed through."

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