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Zora: Yola's Wicked Plans are Discovered by Oliver, Brings Nana on Board to Deal With her

The episode starts on the wedding day when Zora arrived immediately and stops the wedding. Similarly, Lila was poisoned on the same day by Yola and was rushed to the hospital. Yola was targeting Nana just before the wedding and that's why she put poison in a glass and waited to serve the bride in it.

However, after Madiba was chased by Oliver from his home, Nana and Hodan planned for another alternative to punishing the Chibale's family. This time around they are going for Oliver himself, destabilize him and get Madiba back.

Similarly, Yola is planning something wicked against Oliver. She is pushing Kwame to the wall and blackmailed him to accept her pregnancy even though he knows that he is impotent. Yola is mistreating the workers at the Chibale by making them work double. She tells them that they are to report to her and no one in the family. Oliver is watching her and she brings Nana as the queen of the house after Zalena was shut completely after the mess. Yola has no option but to abide by what Nana tells her.

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