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The Top 10 Royal Scandals That Will Never Be Forgotten In History

The royal family is one of the most powerful families of the world and considered one of the first families of the world. The royal family is made up of Queen Elizabeth ii together with all the other family members.

Being a member of the royal family means your life is at a close scrutiny and there is nothing you do that will not go public unless you are extra careful. One has to be very careful. The paparazzis will always look for every information from you to try and make it public and without caution, one may end up finding himself or herself on the wrong side of things.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the top 10 royal scandals that will never be forgotten in history. You have probably heard of some of them and you are also going to hear of others for the first time. Take a look and don't forget to share your thoughts;

1. Princess Margaret's Divorce

Princess Margaret was married to fashion photographer Lord Antony Armstrong-Jones. They had been married for 18 years when the two decided to call it quits. It became one of the major royal scandals and many were shocked. Both were accused of being engaged in extra marital affairs and they divorced in 1978. Lord Anthony remarried and divorced again while princess Margaret chose to remain single until her death in 2002. Their divorce became the first modern divorce in the monarchy.

2. Prince Charles Cheating on Princess Diana

This actually became one of the most renown royal scandals on history and really painted a bad picture of the monarch. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker had an illicit affair that saw him cheat on his wife princess Diana. This became one of the most famous royal scandals of all time. Their affair was discovered in 1989 after a leaked private phone conversation between Charles and Camilla. It was a late-night conversation that exposed the affair of the two.

3. Queen Elizabeth on Camilla

This was a time when the queen decided to be hard on her her daughter in law Camilla when she accused her of being the cause of the split between Charles and Diana. She refused absolutely to forgive Camilla for many years for ruining her sons relationship with his first wife. At one time the queen when talking about Camilla described her as "a wicked woman".

4. Princess Michael racist comment on Meghan Markle

Racist comments from the members of the royal family are not uncommon. Princess Michael of Kent found herself on the wrong side after making a racist comment of Meghan Markle on the first time she met her. It is alleged that Meghan had worn a jewellery that was considered insensitive and portrayed some aspect of slavery. She later apologized for being insensitive in her remarks.

5. King Edward VII abdicating the throne

This happened in 1936 when King Edward VII decided the crown of authority to his brother King George VI who was queen Elizabeth's dad. Edward wanted to marry the love of her life Wallis Simpson and since the England church could not allow him to do that and still hold to the throne, he decided to give up the throne to marry her. He lived happily with her wife until his death in 1972.

6. Prince Harry of Sussex leaked photos

This is where prince Harry was known to be a 'bad boy' he was photographed by an unknown person completely naked. The Photos were splashed into newspapers and the photos made it to the front cover and it was such a disastrous royal scandal.

7. Prince Phillip cheating on the queen ElizabethThe reports came out indicating that prince Philip was having an affair with a British girl called Pat Kirkwood when the queen was still pregnant with Prince Charles. Reports also indicated that that Prince Phillip had gifted her a Rolls-Royce. Pat confirmed the rumours when she died in 2007. There have also been rumours that the queen would allow prince Phillip to do all that.

8. Prince Charles and Princess Diana official divorce

After reports of Prince Charles cheating on princess Diana, the two had decided to just separate but not divorce. Things went out of proportion and the exchange of words became too much. All of the admitted to having been involved in adultery and so the Queen had to order them to divorce officially. That is when they officially divorced in December 1992.

9. Diana's book

This became another royal scandal that will never be forgotten. Biographer Andrew Morton published Diana's biography in 1992. The book in a way exposed what happens in the palace and touched so much on Charles' extra marital affair with Camilla. In the book people also got to know of the many times Princess Diana attempted suicide and her feeding problem that many had never known. After Diana died in 1977, the author of the book revealed that she had secretly helped her writing the book and she had used someone and that they had never met. He said that Diana has sent him notes and photographs that he used in the book.

10. Megan Markle's Dad missing her wedding

How would you feel when your dad who is supposed to walk you down the isle changes his mind in the last minutes of the wedding? That is actually what happened to Meghan. Thomas Markle Megan's Dad told her daughter that she could not make it to the wedding because of the complications. He was supposed to travel from Mexico but that actually never happened.

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