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26-Year-Old Andrew Narrates How He Started To Abuse Drugs

Nyalenda Estate is located in one of the kisumu's oldest estates, kisumu. During the day,the area looks normal but when night falls in,boys as young as 10 years can be seen walking the streets.

"I started by smoking cigarettes when am 9 years,"says Andrew Odhiambo. That is not his real name and he is just 26 years. "That's when i started knowing about drugs. The day I started drinking alcohol was the day I dropped out of school,"

Andrew's parents died of cancer when he was very young. He was already influenced by drugs at the time. His uncle acts as a guardian and he tried to get him off the drugs. He even sent him to a rehabilitation center.

"I have tried rehabilitating him but he always goes for this drugs,"say his uncle. " I think it is because he is a drug addict. Also his peers,his friends are all drug addicts.

Poverty and unemployment can lead to drug addict. And that can have consequences which are hard to reverse as Andrew narrates.

"This is my life and I have accepted it the way it is,"says Andrew. "I dropped out of school so there is nothing else. I am not looking for any help-that is what my guardian doesn't understand.

Having dropped out of school, Andrew needed to find a job but without education, he couldn't find anything to do. With nowhere to sleep,he ended up finding refuge in his uncles home.

"When I was growing up,I came to realise that I have feelings for this drugs. When I was in class five,I started with cigarettes. That is when my classmates caught me and started shouting. I was caned thoroughly. My teachers were very ashamed of me."

Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and behaviour. When you are addicted to drugs,you can't resist the urge to use them,no matter how much harm the drugs may cause.

Bang it the main drug taken by kenyan youth in kenya. Mostly found and used in kenya's big cities,mombasa and Nairobi. It is hard to know just how widespread bhang use is. But estimates range between 1900 and 35000 people.

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