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Pregnancy period

Size 8 Undergoes Emergency Operation to Save Her Life but She Looses Unborn Baby at Only 5 Months

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A few weeks ago DJ Moh and Size 8 could not hide their joy as their announced to the world that they were pregnant and they could not wait to introduce their new member of the family once he/she was born. Unfortunately, on a video posted earlier today on their YouTube page Size 8's pregnancy was terminated as it paused a major threat to her life due to the complications that it brought along.[Photo courtesy]

Taking to his Facebook page DJ Moh revealed that Size 8 has been battling with pregnancy for about 5 months with her temperature sometimes hitting a high 213-degree Fahrenheit as well high blood pressure(210/130) posing a risk to her health. An emotional size 8 however thanked God for saving her life but she broke down knowing that the doctors had to terminate the pregnancy as she could not see it to the full term.[Photo courtesy]

Catch up with the whole interview on this YouTube link.

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