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Actor. ''My Husband Stuck By Me in Time of Need. His Mother is My Best Friend.''

In society, there are different kinds of people. Some people may love you, hate you, and others are jealous because of how you are or how you live. Luckily for her, she is always brave because of what she has gone through in life. People in the society talked ill about them. Fortunately, these didn't hinder her live a good life.

People in society said that they were devil worshippers. It was because her mother was a legalized herbalist. So in this case people thought the medicine she gave to people was not medicine. But for her parents, never listened to people. Unfortunately, the whole thing started stressing and depressing her due to stigmatization. Even in school students would bully her due to the story.

After Nduta of Micii in Ndogo, gave birth to her, she had some deformities. His loving husband, stuck by her through thick and thin. For almost 13 years now, her husband has supported her financially, emotionally, and physically. They have walked together on the journey and never regret anything. In most cases, a lot of men leave their families because their wives gave birth to children with deformities. Many women struggle alone taking care of the children.

Marriage is about loving each other, complementing each other, and assisting each other. At times people forget that the child's future is bright. Support the child you never know about tomorrow. Nduta thanks those people who have ever stood by her during these trying times. Do good to people and God will come on your way. According to her, she uses more than sh. 30000 for her child's surgery every year.

One day while she was waiting in line in the hospital a woman approached her. Her shoes were torn. The woman asked if she could give her a lift. But Nduta didn't have a car. She cheated her that her husband dropped her and left. The woman didn't have a bus fare. She gave her sh. 100 for the fare. The woman was happy where she thanked her so much.

Later in life, she is now a brave woman who is not afraid of what people say. The bond between her and the mother-in-law is very strong. They can both laugh and talk like two teenagers. Luckily they always share everything in life. In the recent past when Nduta's daughter was going for surgery, her mother-in-law went to stay with her. Nduta could not go to the hospital because her second born was still small. ''I love my mother-in-law. I pray God to give her long life without sickness.

Young mothers should respect their mother-in-law. Know her likes and dislikes. You should also know how to make her happy because you two are intruders in that home.

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