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Zora Tv Show: Mama Zora And Mzee Simba Agreement to Support Zora

Zora Tomorrow episode in Zora's house where her father comes to visit her. mzee Simba is telling Fela that he should take care of their family. He is also telling them as long as he is still alive he will always look after his daughter.

After some time there is a knock on the door. Mama Zora gets in and when she finds mzee Simba she is surprised. As we all know that mama Zora and made Simba were once married but they separated. They are always not in good terms.

Zora welcomes her mother and as she sits down, she demands to know what Zora is up to. Zora starts telling her father that they reconciled with her mother and they are now okay. Mzee Simba says that he is okay with that and he is happy.

Mama Zora tells Mzee Simba that she does not need him, and she wishes him the best with his decision of being with someone else as a wife.

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