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Maisha London: Captain Otoyo Posts A Stunning Photo, Sparks Mixed Reactions Online

Veteran comedian Captain Otoyo yesterday wowed his fans after he posted a stunning photo of a man sleeping on a 3-seater sofa on board a motorbike. 

The man seemed to have bought the sofa from a carpentry shop and then hired the services of a motorist. The man then decided to sleep on top of his newly acquired sofa as he enjoyed his ride. 

To many people's surprise, the man slept comfortably while facing the sun, covering his face with his left hand. He was wearing a suit and a red mask.

Kenyans on Twitter didn't hesitate to make a hilarious meme out of the stunning photo. They linked the man's situation to the current economy of Kenya. 

Flamboyant Comedian Captain Otoyo also posted the photo on his Instagram page. The post elicited mixed reactions from fans who wondered how the man managed to balance on the motorcycle. Some of their comments read;

Keyline, "😂😂😂Watu wamechoka na life."

Rafael Kaka18, "Balance muhimu."

Indomonevets, "Confidence in motion...😂😂."

Amadi Justus, "Maisha London😂😂😂."

Olybreezy, "Hii ni kali...akiongeza tu kamavuli hapo na pillow ya kichwa I think tutaanza kujaza pikipiki."

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