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Karen Nyamu And Jemutai Cases Are Similar, But Netizens Reacted Differently

If you come to think of it, Karen Nyamu and Jemutai have something in common. They gave birth to children with married men. Karen shares a son with Mugithi maestro Samidoh. Jemutai on the other hand has a boy and girl that she shares with fellow comedian Prof. Hamo. Both Hamo and Samidoh are married and have families. You all know how ugly and messy Karen and Samidoh's situation turned out.

Karen carried the most blame after most ladies accused her of trying to damage Samidoh's marriage. The question here is, if Jemutai and Karen's situations are similar, why did Karen face backlash yet netizens are sympathizing with Jemutai's same situation? First things first, Jemutai and Karen's personalities are very different. Jemutai is this humble, undramatic, and unproblematic female celebrity who makes silent moves. She had two children with Hamo and not even once did she try to drag him in public for being a deadbeat dad until yesterday when circumstances forced her to come clean. Karen on the other hand is an attention seeker. She even admitted it herself in one of her Instagram stories as you can see below:

Right from the start, it seemed as if Karen was determined to ruin Samidoh's marriage because of the nature of videos she could post on her Instagram from time to time in the company of Samidoh. Because of her endless online antics, Samidoh was forced to come out and confirm their affair, but he stood his ground on remaining a family man. Karen still did not stop attacking Samidoh on social media, and netizens pointed out her immature and obsessed behaviour.

The point is that majority of netizens bashed Karen because of how she portrayed her situation with Samidoh, not considering what Samidoh's wife could be going through. Jemutai on the other hand, was okay being a single mum and all she wanted was to be able to cater for her children because Hamo had even blocked her. If a friend of Jemutai did not open up to Edgar exposing Hamo as Jemutai's baby daddy, may be we would never know about their relationship.

Also, when Jemutai approached Edgar to advertise her Facebook account, she requested him to hide her identity, but Edgar never complied. This implies that right from the start, Jemutai was not interested in letting anyone know what she was going through, or let anyone know about her connection with Hamo. I guess this explains why netizens are sympathising with her situation, when compared to how they handled Karen's situation.

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