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Husband and wife relationship

Details About Philomena Mwilu, DCJ and Wife to a Powerful Senator

It's a fact that most have heard of Philomena Mwilu owing she is a powerful public servant who is respected and and adored across the country. However today we will be looking at Mwilu family especially husband and kids.

To begin with, Philomena Mwilu is a mother of four kids who are her everything. However she has ensured everything about her family generally and widely remain off public limelight for own personal reasons generally their security being one of them.

The powerful DCJ is married to Busia Senator Amos Wako also a father of two children. It's therefore true to say that the two have together six children who are their everything as a family for it's a fact to any family kids come first before anything else.

Philomena Mwilu however largely keeps her relationship with Amos Wako off radar for it's a fact very little is known of their relationship. It's clear their love however though brewed after past divorces has thrived heavily to the far that they have been as a family. Truly even an old cat can drink milk for everybody needs a wife. It's more fulfilling after quiting their past marriages and focus on things that can uplift their marriage together.

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