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Girl To Baha's Brother Mungai Speaks About Being In LGBTQ, Polygamy Rumor And Teenage Relationship

Mohammed Aisha is the girlfriend to Mungai Mbaya who happens to be Baha's elder brother. Mungai and Aisha have been dating for about two years and they even moved together recently. Apparently, many people don't know much about the relationship between Mungai and Aisha since they maintain high level of privacy. Today, Aisha had a question and answer session on Instagram and she basically revealed a lot concerning how her relationship with Mungai has been. Aisha said they have been working hard to stand strong despite being so young. She said that teenage relationship will stand if the two of you support it fully. Aisha claimed that she is a strong member and supporter of the LGBTQ society. Aisha claimed that even her boyfriend Mungai supports that move and he has never contradicted the fact that she spends her resources supporting the group. Aisha went ahead and revealed that they are polygamous something which they sat down and agreed. The 19 years old claimed that she does not feel offended when she sees Mungai with another lady. She went ahead and said that they are so open about their relationship and she believes that Mungai can't lie at all.

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