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Zora: Oliver Chibale is Dead

The episode starts with Zalena recalling the incidences that Oliver had behaved strangely. During Madiba's wedding, he remained in the house drinking as the others were out celebrating. He was totally against the marriage of Madiba and Nana.

Moreover, he didn't endorse the marriage because he loved Nana and did not want to see any other man taking her away from him in the name of marriage. He eventually kicked Madiba out of the house with the excuse of not being his biological son, while the real reason was that he took Nana away from him.

However, Zalena is worried because Oliver didn't return home for the night. She tried to call but she calls went unanswered. Later on at midnight, she received a strange message from Oliver stating that he has never been loved by his wife and even if he died, Zalena will celebrate. Loretta is angry at Zalena and wants to beat her because she knows she is capable of doing a bad thing to his brother. The whole family is worried about his whereabouts.

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