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Will Weston Hotel Be Demolished? What You Need to Know

According to Oscar Sudi, plans are in top gear to bring down the Weston Hotel all in efforts to corner and bring the deputy president William Ruto down. However he is clear the deep state and the system is out only to bring Ruto down and scare anybody associated with him.

It's clear that bulldozers have been seen next to the hotel though the fact of the matter is that no demolition has taken place. It's clear Ruto has orders from the court to stop demolition of the hotel Untill the case was heard and concluded.

Weston Hotel is a land that has been under tussle for sometime now with with the KAA claiming the land and revealing that it was acquired illegally. However according to the deputy president William Ruto, the land was acquired legally as per the law of the land and he used no shortcut whatsoever.

The truth of the matter is that Sudi claims remain just that as the hotel has not been demolished by anybody. It's still standing though its clear since the expose of the Pandora papers, Uhuru Kenyatta seem to be ready to fight and bring anybody down including his deputy if he is corrupt after he was badly embarrassed and exposed.

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