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Sultana: Bi Ua Gives Birth To Baby Girl But Her Midwife Did This For Their Own Safety

Sultana is the new series that has replaced Zora series. It's aired on Citizen Tv from 7.30 pm. In today's episodes Bi Ua Jabali's wife will give birth to a female child, her midwife Bi Salama was shocked because Major Jabali wanted and male child to inherit him. Bi Salama lies to Bi Asia, Jabali's house help that the child has died and she should not inform her boss because she will be killed. Bi Salama takes the Child to her house, she will exchange her with a baby boy whose mother died while giving birth to him.

Bi Salama will manage to take the baby boy to Jabali's house and Jabali will be happy to see him and thinks he is his child. Bi Salama did all this for their own safety and for the baby too. If Major Jabali had got a baby girl he was to kill her because he only values male child. He will name the male child Jabali Junior and thanks his wife Bi Ua for bringing a big blessing to him.

Bi Ua will look at her baby but she notices that the child doesn't have any resemblance even though Major Jabali says he resembles him.

Bi Salama and Bi Asia should pray to God because if Major Jabali comes to know that his wife gave birth to a girl child he may kill them.

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