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Drama As A House Party Turn Chaotic

A house party turned chaotic in Kakamega County Kabras,Malava Constituency when a certain man who had been employed for security reasons in a certain home in Kabras, did unthinkable.

According to some credible source,the man who was a security guard, decided to host a party in his boss's house. The employer had left house shortly for his business duties.

Drama Unfolded when the owner of the house returned home only to find his house in a mess. The invited guests had fully utilized serenity of his home. He couldn't believe his eyes. He then took a responsibility to wake up the slumbering banger who hardly recognized his presence.

The security guard had to run for his life not knowing what the wrath of his boss would cost him. The man was left to count losses and not knowing how and where to start clearing the mess. He even regreted why he considered such a man for security of his home.

In conclusion, security guards just like house helps play an essential role in a house. The are therefore required to be guided accordingly. A complete freedom could land the employer in trouble.

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Kabras Kakamega County Malava Constituency


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