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Sultana: Kokan Advices Salama's Family Not To Give Salama JJ's Medication

Tomorrow's episode Kokan finds Salama is still alive and pleads Zuu and Babu Kalo to get out and treat the patient. Kokan finds Salama had just fainted and lacked some enough water in her body. He takes care of her and makes sure she is better.

Babu Kalo and Zuu while outside gets worried of where Sultana could be at that night. Zuu swears to Babu Kalo that Sultana must be stopped because it's not her first time to come home at night. Zuu then tells Babu Kalo that Salama forced to be discharged so that she may not give them burden but Babu stops her. Sultana will then be back and Zuu informs her that her mother almost died while she was away.

Kokan gets out and assures them Salama is alive and someone interfered with her but is yet to know. Kokan tells them that he has taken some samples and will bring the report later. He then advices them Salama not to use JJ's medication again because if it was not of Babu Kalo rushing to him Salama could have died.

Kokan will reach home and is so happy because JJ has fallen to female trap. Kokan wants Salama's family to believe JJ gave fake Salama medication.

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