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The Best Subject Combinations For The Students Joining University-Opinion

It's wise for those who excelled in their KCSE and are willing to join the educational sector in the future, to choose their subject combination carefully. The students joining university should have a combination that will secure him/her permanent TSC job immediately after they graduate.

Some of the most marketable subject combinations are highlighted below.

1) Biology and Agriculture.

This is the best subject combination that can land a graduate teacher to a TSC job immediately after graduation. Agricultural skills are useful in today's world. One can manage his/her agricultural activities at home or even in school and sell the produce to earn a living. This is a good combination for our students.

2) Physics and Chemistry.

For a long time now, this combination has proved to be the best and the most marketable when it comes to seeking TSC permanent employment. Very few students in the university enroll for this unique combination hence making it the most marketable. If you scored C+ in these two subjects this is the best combination ever. Do not hesitate to take it.

3) Computer studies and any other subject

This combination is also good for our students who are joining university. This combination will reduce your tarmacking days after your graduation. With computer skills, our students can employ themselves even before getting a permanent TSC job. In this current world, most of our youths have landed good online paying jobs. They earn high amounts from online writing jobs.

4) Home science and any other subject(Biology)

The best combination is Home science with any other subject. One needs not to have done this subject in high school, so long as one did Biology and score C+ and above. Take this combination for a bright future.

5) Physics and Mathematics.

This is another good combination one can opt for in the university. It is a marketable combination in the sector of education when it comes to seeking TSC permanent employment.

One can also settle for Geography and business. Other marketable teaching subjects include Metalwork, Electricity, Drawing and Design Art and Design, music, etc

Choose wisely your combination to avoid tarmacking for long seeking permanent employment.

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