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Five Best Marketable Courses in KUCCPS Placement Program For Students With Grade B plus, B And C++

Choosing a career can be difficult at times, especially if no one is around to advise you on the ideal professional path. Many people fall into the trap of selecting a course that will be a waste of time, especially if they change their minds later. This article refers students to some of the courses available to students with a B, B minus, or C plus grade. The following are some of the courses available:

1 Aerospace Science: Students who enjoy math and science are most likely to take this course. It takes 4 to 5 years to complete. Learners are taught scientific skills such as aircraft production, design, and operation. Data processing management, mechanical engineering, and aerospace technicians are examples of possible careers.

Prerequisites: A-minus in physics or math, and a C+ in English Kiswahili subjects respectively.

2 Animal Science. The students are taught on Zoology, physiology, veterinary services, breeding, nutrition and animal health in general. The course takes a maximum of 4 years.

Requirements: A mean grade of B minus and a grade of C plus in Mathematics, Biology, Agriculture and Business Studies respectively.

3 Nursing: One has to be trained in nursing, research and healthcare leadership. It takes at least four years to study.

Requirements: Minimum C plus, English or Kiswahili subjects Physics and/or Mathematics and any Chemistry and Biological Science C plus.

4 Computer Science: This training is appropriate for students who are passionate about analytics. The programming, coding, math, electronics, statistics and networking are part of the programme.

Requirements: B plus in physics or mathematics, minimum C plus in biological or physical sciences and C plus in Kiswahili and English. Requirements:

5. dental surgery: It takes at least 5 years to study the course. When you graduate, you become a dental surgeon who can treat any illnesses which affect mouth.

Requirements: B plus in Biology or Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics subjects, B plus in Kiswahili or English. Falls under cluster number 40.

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Content created and supplied by: [email protected] (via Opera News )

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