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How The Government Can Introduce Online Learning Without Spending Too Much Money On It

The Corona virus has made the primary and secondary schools in the country to stop.As a student of computer science I want to tell the public that the classes should be going on when the government does the following without spending too much on it.

(i)The parents should be told to buy smartphones for their children.That is very possible because the same parents were able to pay school fees.It seems very costly but it will be for their own benefits.The mobile phones should have firewalls installed inside them.So that the children can not access irrelevant information.

When the parents can not buy the mobile phones on their own,then the money should be sent in the school in terms of fee.So it will be the role of government to install firewalls on the devices.The children should then be told to go and pick their devices in the schools.

(ii)The computer experts should ensure that they monitor the smartphones of every child.The mobile phones which are registered for learning and are used for the wrong purpose, should be blocked from the network.

(iii)The government should talk to the network providers to provide free education data bundles for online learning.That will make learning cheap.The children should not use their money in buying data bundles.

Thank you very much for your time and have a nice time.

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