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Teachers Mount Pressure On TSC Over Medical Schemes As They Disclose Its Dark Side

Teachers across the country are breathing fire over the medical schemes that they were forced to join by their employer. The teachers through Kenya National Union Of Teachers Pressure Group now blame teachers' unions KNUT and KUPPET for combining with TSC and introducing a scheme which is oppressing them.

They say that over the years, teachers have been deducted money from their payslips to cater for AON and Minet medical schemes but the insurers are not willing to cater for their medical bills when they fall sick. They now want the Teachers Service Commission to immediately prompt the two insurance companies to stop deducting funds from teachers towards the same.

They insist that unless the medical schemes are willing to improve the services they offer to teachers, then there is no need to continue deducting teachers' funds every month. Majority of the teachers have been complaining about conditions AON and Minet Medical Schemes attach to sick teachers for them to be bailed out something which is not in the constitution.

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