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Best Courses That You Can Pursue In Kenya Medical Training Colleges (KMTC)

Kenya Medical Training Colleges , are institutions established countrywide , to offer medical courses to students who score grades below university requirements. All courses are studied under diploma programs, within the specified period by the ministry of education as well as issuing intake dates. Here are some of the courses you can pursue.

1. Nursing 

Concerned with taking good care of patients, according to the doctor's instructions. These personnel are specially trained to handle all sick people in the wards, to monitor progress, administer prescribed dosage, change their beddings, note any unusual changes and inform the concerned parties about the emergency. Also work in the children's area, to check on the kids in incubators, ensuring they are all breastfed at the right time, plus give them full attention. 

The direct contact with human health makes it a sensitive career, hence some virtues like humanity, kindness , love, respect, honesty and politeness should be employed.

2. Pharmacy

Issuance of medicine to patients after or during treatment. One should have a clear understanding of what one is suffering from, to avoid giving the wrong ones, less or more amounts. It can cause poisoning. Under this department, you are supposed to ensure there's continuous supply of stock to avoid shortage and maintaining high level of transparency. 

In addition, a chemist can be opened as part of side jobs, that you do during free time.

3. Laboratory science

This is taking specimen samples and taking them to the laboratory for screening and examining to diagnose diseases. Every hospital should have the special designed facility, equiped with all the required machines and apparatus. Work can be difficult without a technician, since scientific research has to be done to determine the cause of every ailment. 

Note that hospitals work in shifts and everyone has specific official uniforms to distinguish the multiple workers and visitors. If you have a dream in medical related fields, then here is a chance to pursue it.

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