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Has The TSC's CPG Scheme of Service Been Fair to Classroom Teachers During Promotions ?

Teachers Service Commission remains the sole employer of teachers in Kenya.It registers, employs,deploys and disciplines the teachers who fail to follow the set regulations.It has shown no mercy to the teachers who have been found guilty of abusing the school girls.The Commision has always dismissed these teachers immediately from its payroll.

In the recent months,TSC has been in the forefront in promoting the deserving teachers.However,these promotions have been under the new CPG scheme of service that has been the bone of contention with the union KNUT.Kuppet members are under the new scheme of service while KNUT members are in the old scheme of service.The differences between Knut and TSC have been quite evident every time.

During the interviews for teachers' promotions,the Commision has strictly shortlisted teachers using different parameters.These are mostly inline with the CPG guidelines.For instance,a classroom teacher with degree in primary school who has not been a senior teacher recognised by the commission cannot apply for the Deputy Headteacher's position.This has seen the primary school graduate teachers left in the cold during these promotions.Lucky are some of them with atleast C+ and with degrees in secondary options.This group is being deployed to secondary schools.On the other side,very many Diploma holders rarely get themselves among the shortlisted candidates.Just recently,the commision announced the promotions of some 1000 Diploma teachers in secondary schools.Has the new scheme of service been fair to classroom teachers during these promotions?

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