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Positive Impacts Curriculum Based Competency (CBC) Will Have On Kenyan Students

As it is in details Curriculum Based Competency is a curriculum that emphasizes what learners are expected to do rather than mainly focusing on what they are expected to know. It was rolled out in Pre primary 1 and 2,grade 1,2 and 3 across the country as it was meant to transition from 8-4-4 system to a 2-6-3-3-3 education system. CBC is also learner-based and adaptive to the everyday changing need of students, teachers and the society.

CBC is has lots of benefits and mainly, learning is centred in real world skills and competency development. Outcome of this is that students are ready for work and have expertise in the fields of their choice. It also prepares students mentally and physically for future challenges, by empowering students with knowledge and skills on various fields of study.

Probably according to the new curriculum, if a students finishes he/she should be able to have the following;

•Should be self-paced

•Have good imagination and creativity

•Should have gained digital literacy


•Gained better communication skills


•Have gained skills for critical thinking and problem solving

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