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Chuka University Students In Happy Moods After The Institution's Management Does This

Following the presidential address to shut down all learning institutions including Universities and Colleges, several institutions have taken steps to close up and allow students vacate. The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be growing stronger with more cases being reported by the Ministry of Health each day.

The 3rd wave of Corona Virus is deeply cutting into the vains of Kenyans with control measures installed in place to curb the spread hitting hard on Kenyan economy. Since the report to close learning institutions was out, a good number of universities have embraced online learning to ensure everything is on a move.

After several learning institutions requested their students to vacate, most of the students have been stranded in terms of traveling. The most challenging part has been to those traveling to further ends of the country and in some of the locked counties.

Although this remains a challenge, Chuka students have something to smile about with the University Management ready to fascilitate their traveling in locked counties. The news were received in happiness after an internal memo from the institutions emerged with the details.

According to reports from the internal memo, CUSA Secretary General Kemboi Dennis stated that transport of those students who shall be traveling to the locked counties will be fascilitated by the University Transport Department. This was to be done by Thursday 1st at 1pm. It has been sigh of relief to the comrades.

The Covid-19 wave is still fiercely in motion across the country and control measures are in place to curb it. The wave has claimed many lives thus control measures must be adhered to if at all we have to achieve the best out of it.

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