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Effect of Competence Based Curriculum

The ministry of education is trying to impose a new system of education so as to eliminate the current system of education which is good as we can atleast the ministry has started becoming of some use , but is CBC good for our children .

First off all when you look at CBC system it only favours a certain group of students , that group of students , is almost 13% of the students . The remaining 84% percent remaining the system will not favour them because the system dwells in mordern life . For instance in an exam they draw a badminton on an exam people of a class three student , how can a student from a rural area identify the badminton and in the first place he/she has never accesed such a thing .

The problem we have with the ministry is that they do things without doing research and to know the impact of it to the users . If the ministry of education insists on CBC then in the coming future we will have a high number of drop outs from the lowest level as class three because the system is seen as is favouring a certain class of people.

CBC has become expensive , parents spend more money in buying items each and every time , schools are wasting money in buying the materials , you find parents having a huge burden of school fees, CBC requirements, it becomes a burden. The government is not providing the items there work is just making orders. CBC should be stoped and normal system to continue

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