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“Tutaenda Western Kuishi na Wewe” Teacher Who Impregnates Grade 6 Girl, Says.

Teachers are important people in society. Teachers can shape leaders of the future in the best way for society to build positive and inspired future generations of our children.

A teacher pass on values to children from generation to generation, which prepares them for further education, and moral values in life.

Many studies indicate that students deeply affected by teachers' love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment that teachers bestowed upon them.

However, some teachers are doing exactly opposite of their expectations. Some who're found defiling the young children in their schools are the devil work before the eyes of parents and guidance.

The court finally confirms the suspect, who found guilty of defiling a standard 6 pupil in the school where he was teaching, had lied to the girl that they could move to western Kenya to live as husband and wife.

“Tutaenda Western Kuishi na Wewe kama bibi na bwana,” the alleged teacher said.

While reading his verdicts in court, the judge said the suspect will be jailed for 20 Years in Prison, to stand as a lesson to those who maybe having the same behaviors.

According to prosecution reports, the suspect, who has been teaching standard 2 to 6 pupils, allegedly defiled an 11-year-old standard 6 pupil before the villagers and authorities got wind of his actions.

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