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Best academic online writing sites that can make you rich

Academic writing has helped most people throughout the world. There are several online writing sites that are being used by thousands of people as side hustle and some are make good money out of it. The following are some of the online platforms you can try.

1 . Essayshark

This is an online platform that focuses on custom essay and research papers. They have many academic topics to choose from and they will pay you $30 for every article you write.

2 . Academia-research

This academic writing site was established in 2004 and therefor might be one of the best to consider. It has a lot of work from high school to doctoral papers. This site does not require any skills since most of the work is for the high school.

3 .

This site focuses on editing and rewriting academic content especially essays. It pays up to $24 per article. It gives options of working as an editor or as a writer according to your will.

4 . Ovorcorp

They specialize on academic writing. Their payments range from $5-$15. The best thing about ovorcorp is that it overs more topics to work on compared to most online writing sites.

5 . Writerbay

This is the best paying online writing site as it can pay up to $250 per month alongside the income generated in daily articles written.

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