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Security Details Of Students In Western Kenya

Over the years, students in western part of Kenya have been experiencing challenges coping with their studies. To begin the list is the Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology (MMUST). Every fortnight new on the local radio station and television has it that students killings and robbed by hooligans.

The most affected of this students are fresher’s and sophomores. The fresher’s get trapped by the cheap location of their hostels outside the town vicinity without analyzing whether they are secure of not. The dingy estates pose a huge danger to students as they become victims of mugging and are waylaid on the roads when they walk out late in the night.

Another university in western Kenya is Maseno University. It is believed the local surrounding is crowded by bhang smokers and drug abuse is at rampant. This obviously brings to attention to this area where youths are lazy and idle who pose a threat to students by mugging them in the lonely roads and deserted estates.

Maseno University in the year 2013-2016 was characterized by regular strikes by students protesting poor security details of the area. Angry students went further to vandalize shops recreational facilities in the area due to their unattended claims. The students who have been in the receiving end are fresher’s and sophomores who have least experience handling challenges facing them hence resolve to violence ways to get attention.

To add on the two universities is local colleges and polytechnics. Students in this colleges are usually the victims of violence by idle and lazy and ill-intentioned people living around them. Uneducated youths resolve to become bodaboda riders and handcart pullers are the ones who terrorize college students and smuggle their goods.

The university needs to come in and help the locals resolve this problem facing students in western parts of Kenya. This are entirely productive youths who need to be given ample time to further their careers in peace. 

Content created and supplied by: AllanOscarOluchiri (via Opera News )

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