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Joy To Primary & Secondary Schools With Less Subject Teachers, TSC Moves to Allow Sharing of Lessons

The schools have been facing shortages of teachers in each and every year.This has always hindered the full delivery of teaching and learning.The existing teachers have been forced to carry the huge teaching burden that has currently been orchestrated by the new CBC curriculum.However,TSC is trying to bridge the gap which currently stands at over 100,000 teachers countrywide.At the moment,the Commission has advertised some over 2900 replacement slots for teachers who have left the service due to natural attrition.

TSC has come to the rescue of schools that do not have enough subject teachers.The schools that experience teacher shortages are set to benefit from the online lessons that TSC is set to launch today.In the new plan,the schools will better facilities and teachers will share their virtual lessons with schools without.

This means that in case a school doesn't have a specific subject teacher say Chemistry,then the satellite school will login during the lesson and stream live.This is a huge reprieve to schools with less teachers.Teachers Updates revealed this.

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