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Bad News To Kenyan Parents As Government Announces The Following Ahead Of CBC Transition

An assessment conducted by the ministry of education has delivered some bad news to Kenyan parents ahead of the expected transition of the CBC candidates. According to the reports conducted to assess the preparedness of schools ahead of the CBC transition, most public schools are not compliant with the transition requirements set by the government.

The first batch of CBC candidates are expected to join grade seven soon, and close to 1.6 million candidates will have joined by 2024. This number is too large for the few public schools that have complied with the requirements. To absorb the excess students, parents will be forced to dig deep into their pockets so as to send their kids to private schools. According to the report, most private schools have complied with the government's requirements and will be best suited to absorb these excess students.

Among the conditions set for a school to be accredited as CBC compliant is registration with the NEMIS system. Adequate facilities and classes, and the most important of them all, adequate, qualified CBC teachers who are trained on the current CBC syllabus. Schools will also be required to increase their non-teaching staff so that they can ensure the ratio of students to staff meets CBC requirements.

In the mean time, the Edwin Argwings, Sub County Director of Education in Nairobi, has reiterated that the report given was not final. Another report will be issued later on to assess the compliance rate.

As for the Kenyan parents with kids preparing to transition to grade 7, they should prepare themselves for anything so that if some public schools fail to comply, they will still be able to take their kids to private schools.


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