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Check Out What This Nigerian Preacher Did To Her Teacher After 28 Years

A popular Nigerian preacher is currently tending online over her the kindness that she showed to her Primary school teacher after 28 years.

Founder of the Voice of Solution Ministry, Prophetess Rose Kelvin, left her congregation almost in tears as she narrated what she passed through 28 years ago after she lost her father.

With tears in her eyes, Prophetess Rose Kelvin narrated how her mother lost all the wealth of the family to her father's relatives after his death which led she and her mother to extreme poverty.

As she narrated her story, Prophetess Rose introduced a lady to her congregation as Roseline Eduka, her primary school head teacher. According to Prophetess Rose, she was sent back home from school 28 years ago because her mother could not pay for her school fees and after her mother placed with Roseline Eduka, she asked her mother to bring Prophetess Rose back to school and pay the school fees anytime she has the money.

After narrating her story, Prophetess Rose Kelvin surprised her Primary school head teacher with a sum of 1 million naira cash (equivalent to 280,971 Ksh). The Prophetess also gifted money to about 50 widows and several orphans.

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