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There is need for ensuring that media expands through empowering media talents.

Media still remains to be the basic pillar towards ensuring that people are informed on what is taking place across the country and the entire globe.However, those who are inspired from the media more especially the media students have not been exposed to the expected level in order to have positive attitude towards prosperity. 

Many universities in Kenya have got a huge number of media students pursuing various courses relying on journalism as a career.Despite the fact that students been equipped with education in journalism,most of them are not aware of the ideas they should formulate to handle the battle since journalism is very competitive.

To attain the expectation of media,the students in the field of journalism need to be highly natured when it comes to the ways of approaching different matters concerning journalism.At first,they should be given identifying materials that they should use while in the field.

Dolphine Auma and Winny bochaberi are communication and media students at Rongo University.They majorly rely on health news.They claim to state that, the major challenge they do encounter in the field is lack of granted permission to interview the health experts at Rongo town.This is brought about by,lack of media identification tools such as press cards and media books.

To handle such kind of battle ,the media Council of Kenya need to expand targets in ensuring future journalists are adequately prepared today.Not only by basic lecture skills but also field competent knowledge. Media's seventy percent is based on the field work.Taking statistics recording and analyzing all forms of news.To make the task easy and much saving time ,the students need to be more informed.They also need not specialise in one area but to focus on all areas of journalism .

Media production being part of the highly demanded skill in journalism,media lectures should now ensure that the students have gotten seventy percent of the basic skill in production.Using different software programs and how to ensure that the setup is highly functional through their practical interaction.

Lectures need also to press the gear on communication.There has been a tendency of students claiming that,they only want to specialize on just one language.This will totally pull them out if journalism.Being a course that requires all languages globally,they should,even sacrifice their time to learn foreign languages ,since journalism can place them where they are not expecting.Being prepare for all is what they should have at hand.

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