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BREAKING:University Students in Panic as Various Institutions Set Out Requirements for Online Exams

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, All Educational institutions were forced to closed to avoid crowding of students that might have even worsen the situation. However, various educational institutions went on adopting the zoom platform to offer learning(commonly referred to as e-learning). It didn't go well with most comrades as some reserve to defer it and wait for face to face learning once the normalcy resume.

This semester has been the worst ever for most comrades and as it comes to an end, there is much expectation for them, one of them is to sit for an online exams.

Being a semester full of challenges, be it shortage of power, lots of type work, poor network connectivity in some places and a challenge in moodle platform as well.

However recent updates on how exams are going to be admistered came as a shock to many. With the introduction of Safe browser. This software can detect any irregularity, be either sound or movement. Here are the requirements set out for kenyans students to comply with before sitting on a full online exam paper .

You must be in a position to access a Laptop/ a desktop device(windows 10 or 8)or an iPhone. Note that any Android device doesn't support this kind of software.

Position yourself in a place where you can access a reliable internet source, source of power and audio device(head/earphone).

Clean your room, remove all the writings, decorations, books and any other material that may be deemed as an irregularity or distrator.

All the unit lecturers will be under close watch as your video will be on.

For one to sit for an exam, he/she must adhere to the Educational conduct. That is, Get yourself a clean table, be neat and no movement untill the submission of your paper.

Eating and drinking while in exam room is prohibited. It will be treated as an irregularity and your work will be submitted the way it is.

Any background noise qualify to be an irregularity. So students are advised to get a quiet and conducive room to avoid these unnecessary acts.

Hope you enjoy reading this article. Please share it with your campus friends, freshers, and parents too. This is quite a serious thing and should not be taken for granted.

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