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Upcoming Message To All KCSE Students Who Received Their Results Recently

With the recent release of KCSE results, many students bare preparing to enroll to institutions of higher learning. However, do many of them the biggest challenge lies in deciding which course to pursue.

Here are some tips to follow before making decision on what to do:

1. Attend open days.

Different universities and colleges organize open days where students can interact and know what courses are offered in the particular institutions.

2. Follow your passion.

If you wish to excel ina particular field go for something you really enjoy doing. Don't allow external forces to control you.

3. Be practical.

Before choosing a course, do your research to find out if you can practice it in your country and if it is marketable.

4. Consider the future.

With the rapid technological advancements, a field of study that is lucrative today could become obsolete within no time.

As such before you decide on what you want to do, conduct research and find jobs that are tipped to remain relevant for long.

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