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Colleges And University Students Should Get Prepared As Learning May Resume Fully In May [OPINION]

Students in higher learning institutions should start preparing themselves to reaume learning probably in May. There are hopes that during the next presidential address in the nation, the president may remove lockdowns in the five counties and allow learnig to reaume.

The education sector has been also found to one of the most affected sector after the country's economy. Students have been given very limited time in classes due tovthe current pandemic that has actually claimed lives of many kenyans.

The government should provide the available vaccine in all colleges and universities and once they are allowed to resume, the school must ensure that every student is vaccinated. It the the ministry if health is can do this, then there are high chances of reopening of colleges and universities.

If the rate of infection in the country is going to reduce let us say like below 10%, then it will mean that the vaccine is working well and therefore the resumption of schools may be allowed. Currently the government is urging all kenyans to be vaccinated by the astrazeneca vaccine to reduce the rate at which the virus is spreading.

Fighting for corona in the country should not be the work of the government alone, all kenyans should join hands and obey the covid-19 requirements which includes wearing of face masks, keeping social distances and washing hands regularly.

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