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How To Handle Difficult Students In Class (Opinion)

Teaching is a call and requires perseverance, commitment, compassion, humility, patient, caring, and a kind personality. This is why not everyone who teaches is a teacher. To be a teacher you must be observant of what students do at all times and guide them accordingly.

Handling students especially the difficult ones is not a walk on the path. Some fight over insignificant issues while others don't settle at one point, they move from one desk to another poking fellow students.

Whether in the presence or absence of a teacher, some learners do funny stuff unnoticed. So as a teacher you have to be very keen and watchful otherwise learning won't be taking place in your class.

To handle difficult students, you need to talk to them in private (because they tend to get embarrassed in front of fellow students), bring them close to you by being friendly, create daily schedules that they can easily follow, help them understand right from wrong and above all be a role model; let them see what you tell them to do in you.

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