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Steps That Should Be Followed By A Smart Physics Students For Easy Understanding Of A Chapter.

PREVIEWING. To preview or skim a chapter,read the title, the introduction, the section headings, and the summary or conclusion. Examine all the visual such as pictures, tables, maps and graphs and read the caption that goes with each. This activity gives you the gist of the chapter you will quickly learn what the chapter is about. Previewing or skimming reminds you of what you already know.

QUESTIONING. You need to ask questions in your mind as you read. Asking questions helps your mind to stay focused on what you are reading. A good way to form questions is to change each chapter heading into a question. Do not form questions for the introduction summary or conclusion.

READING. Read the information that follows each heading to find the answer to the questions you just formed. As you do this, you may decide that you need to change a question to be answered . Stay flexible so that you can gather as much information as you need to answer each question.

SUMMARIZING. Write down each question and summarise its answers in your notebook. Reread each answers to be sure that each answer contains all the important information needed to answer the questions you formed.

As you practice using these four steps, you will find that you are learning more. Also you have excellent study notes to use in preparation for class participation and for examination and test. Please like, follow and share for more to come.

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