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Teachers Cry Foul After TSC Made The Following Decisions

Teachers service commission made several decisions and changes to recruitment procedures this year. This is after it decided to award the intern teachers 30 marks. Those in private schools and unemployed have protested the move. They say it's a way of giving interns employment without subjecting them to interviews. Previously they have been receiving 10 marks.

The commission also decided to reduce the marks awarded for longevity of stay at home after graduation. This has been giving the older graduates an upper hand. By reducing the marks then it means the year of graduation is slowly lossing it's meaning.

The commission is now out to ensure the procedure of recruiting is changed. This might bring chaos which had been dealt with previously.

The commission also decided to merge the second class upper and lower. The two have been having a difference of 5 marks. However with the current development, all have same marks.

The commission's decision has been dealt with opposition from others. It seems the commission was in a mission to discourage people from taking education courses. According to daily Nation, some have written to the commission to inform them of the problems to be encountered.

We wish equity is used in recruitment. Thanks.

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