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TSC's Reply On A Rogue National School Principal Who Allegedly Slapped a Teacher In Front of Students

The teachers are closing schools next week to mark the end of term one of 2021 academic calendar.This time,the teachers will have to teach for only 30 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks.The reduction has been so due to Covid-19 pandemic that has greatly affected the country.

The teachers at times pass through some traumatizing moments while on duty.Some of these have resulted from the oppressions that they go through.Some principals have ended up frustrating the teachers by virture of their position.The recently transferred Principal of the giant Kakamega high school has hit the headlines for wrong reason.His act of slapping a teacher before the students has now seen teachers reach TSC for actions.He is even accused of suppressing the renown rugby sports which the school is Nationally known for.Hopefully,justice will prevail.

The teachers' complains have now reached the employer and an action is expected to be taken after investigations.This at times can demotivate the teachers who will always work in fear

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