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Huge Win For Teachers in July CBA, TSC & KUPPET Agree on Job Descriptions As Noticed by SRC

The Teachers Service Commission has been in the forefront in ensuring that the teachers are well remunerated.In the recent past,the Commision has promoted teachers especially those in administrative positions.This has seen many teachers earn good sums of money that they have been aggitating for over along period of time.

The teachers' CBA has been in the media for some time.During the last negotiations between TSC and Kuppet,the Commision gave the teachers between 16-32% salary increments as basic pay.However,Knut felt secluded in the negotiations.Recently,SRC noted that the classroom teachers were short-changed in the 2016 CBA.This it confirmed having concluded the job evaluation.

The Commision and KUPPET kicked off CBA negotiations this week where they held a five day retreat in Naivasha.During the meeting,TSC agreed to implement new job descriptions in the July CBA that will capture the worth of the classroom teachers."The new job descriptions recognise the teachers' leadership and technical work within and outside classroom,which had been ignored by the evaluation tool previously used by SRC,"read a statement by KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori.This is a huge achievement for teachers in the coming CBA.

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