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Classroom Teachers Reveal How They Suffer In The Hands Of Powerful Principals & Rude TSC SCDE

The teachers have had to go through some rigorous jobs in schools this term.They have had to fill in their tpads,teach the students and at the same time,record the assessment books on daily basis besides scheming and lesson planning.

As the teachers stay home for one week,some may not report back to their initial schools.TSC is likely to transfer them to other schools.Yes in deed some teachers have already began receiving their letters amid complains of being ambushed with the transfers.Some teachers from Nairobi have already expressed concerns about the transfers.

They have cried foul of the frustrations that they go through in the hands of some of their leaders.They have said that some of the TSC Sub-County Directors are very rude to them.On the other hand,the Head teachers who should be their saviours use their powers by just making a call and then they get transferred to other schools without notice.This is unfortunate news for classroom teachers who have always cried of being Education News has revealed so.

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