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Secondary Education


Njiiri high school, embraces technology.

photo: credit. (Njiiri high school)

After building 11 extra class rooms, to help apply social distancing amongest students during this covid-19 times, Njiiri High school decided to go the technology way. This is when the school failed to employ more extra teachers to manage the extra classes out of lack of money.

Now the school can use one server on premise application, something that does not require alot of internet. Enabling one teacher, to teach several classes, from one point at ago. This has made teaching easier hence affordable for the school. Making it the first school school with such a system in the country.

It's is also believed that Njiiri high school is the only public school in the country using such technology, hoping to expand to help learners, learn from home.

Njiiri high school is one of the premium boys seconds School, located in Murang'a county, kigumo constituency.

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